Fire-Resistant Locking Courier Bags

Velcro flap shields lock and pick-resistant zipper from heat
Fire-Resistant Locking Courier Bags
    Item# BBFRCB1818-3
    Price Only: $160.00  Each
    1000 D. Cordura Colors:

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    Protect your documents from theft and fire. In the event of an Automobile or Airplane crash, these bags will guard against FIRE damage until the contednts can be safely retrieved.

    Size: 8D x 18W x 18H
    • Laboratory tested to withstand high temperatures typical of car or airplane fires. Constructed of puncture and tear -resistant shells in 1000 denier Ballistic Basket Weave Gold Nylon Armadillo tuff hide skirt increases longevity 88-guage vinyl panels and double stitched seams. Pop-Up Lock provides maximum security. Velcro flap shields lock and pick-resistant zipper from heat. Rigid construction and square bottom design to simplify loading. Comfort handgrip provides carrying ease. Standard with metal zipper. Master locks are sold separately.
    • This bag adds a Silica cloth fire liner to provide fire protection for the interior contents of the Locking Courier Bag. Silica cloth fire material has a melting temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • 2.5 x 3.5 ID Framed cardholder
    • Color: Choose Color
    • Size: 8D x 18W x 18H
    • MPN: FRCB1818-3

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